5 Best Places To Relish The Juiciest Artisanal Burgers In The Capital
Image Credit: Want to have some meaty, juicy burgers? Try these places then!

I am a huge burger fan. While there is this huge community of pizza lovers around the world, I have been a burger loyalist for long. From the simple homemade burgers to the quick fast-food eatery burger meals, I don’t mind either of them. However, it would be wrong to simply assume that burgers are just an act of layering things one on top of the other, without much effort. A lot goes into making a perfect burger and not everyone can master the art quickly. 

While it’s ironic to say that a dish belonging to the fast-food category can be part of gourmet food, the burger connoisseurs have turned the tables. 

What’s so special about artisanal or gourmet burgers you ask? Well, right from the selection of the buns to the meat for the patty, everything is carefully curated and proportioned. The right kind of fresh vegetables are chosen to go along with a particular protein and high-quality meat is sourced for each burger. The end result is a masterpiece that fills your mouth with an abundance of flavours, reaching your taste buds, layer by layer. 

Here, we’ve dug out some of the hot spots of Delhi where you can find these gourmet burgers. 

1. Chards

Dealing exclusively in burgers, Chards is your go-to kitchen when you are craving some. The options range from the classic lamb burgers to the special bulgogi and kimchi-layered Korean burgers. Every burger comes with a side of house sauce and fries, now what more do you need? You can order from here. 

Source: Chard India/Instagram 

2. Café Delhi Heights 

A beautiful café with multiple outlets across Delhi-NCR, it offers a plenty of Italian and Continental options to choose from. Despite the diverse blend of cuisines, the burger stands as a highlight in their menu. From Juicy Lucy to Delhi Burger, they are known for having the best burgers in town. 

Where: Khan Market, Connaught Place and multiple outlets in NCR. 

Source: Cafe Delhi Heights/Instagram 

3. Smoke House Deli 

Serving a European fare at this minimalistic ally-styled café, Smoke House Deli is quite a good option for burger lovers. The Baconator would be a top pick from their menu, apart from the creamy pesto penne and chicken stuffed pizza bread. 

Where: Khan Market 

Source: Smoke House Deli/Instagram 

4. Hard Rock Café 

Based on the concept of rock music back in the 1970s, the Hard Rock Café was envisioned keeping in mind the cutting-edge fashion and rock and roll theme of that era. Serving all American classics under one roof with hip interiors, they’ve got a range of burgers to fulfill that American dream of yours. You might want to try their Legendary burger for a great experience. 

Where: Saket 

Source: Hard Rock Cafe/Instagram 

5. Monkey Bar 

This quirky- named bar has a host of small and large plates on their menu. While they are packed with a range of nibbles, the burger section is short and crisp, just like their burgers. You have definitely try their MFC (Monkey Fried Chicken) Burger made with eggless buns and served with a side of coleslaw. 

Where: Vasant Kunj 

Source: Monkey Bar/Instagram