5 Best 50-Calorie Snacks For Weight-Loss

If only losing weight was as easy as they show it in the movies, you could have just waited for the interval or fairy godmother, to transform you or give you the body of your dreams. You would have to run that treadmill on your own, and give up that last slice of pizza too. It is a difficult journey, but it is certainly not impossible. And no, you need not starve either. Starving yourself can actually do more harm than good. If you deny your body food for a longer period of time, and then when you sit down to eat, you end up eating a lot and lose track of calorie control. Speaking of calories, do you even know what calories are?  

Calories are not your mortal enemy, they are just a unit of energy that is produced when you eat something. More the food, more the calories. While your body knows how to use up most of these calories for daily functioning, it is the excess calories that sit and accumulate in your body as ‘fat’. This is why, you should always keep track of calories you are taking with every meal and how much you are burning post that. If you have just begun a low-calorie diet, then here are some snacks you can consider adding to the diet.

1 Bowl Of Apples Dusted With Cinnamon Powder

Apple is also sometimes referred to as a ‘negative calorie’, because of its really low-calorie load. They are crunchy and fibrous, which means they help keep you full for a long time. Just grab an apple, deseed it, and slice it horizontally. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top and munch away.  

1 Bowl Of Guava Masala

Guavas have abundant fibre, protein and antioxidants that make them one of the healthiest fruits to be added to one’s diet. Take a guava chop it up, mix it with one tsp Kasundi (Bengali mustard sauce) and eat this zingy snack each time cravings kick in.  

1 Small Cup Of Strawberries And Unsweetened Yogurt

Did you know 100 grams of strawberries contains 32 calories only. Pair it with unsweetened, low-fat yogurt and you have your low-cal snack ready.  

1 Cup of Cucumber And Hummus

Cucumber is another, crunchy wonder that deserves a place in your weight-loss diet right now. Since more than 90 percent of cucumber is just water, it amounts to barely any calories. Slice it up, pair it with hummus and you have a crunch, savoury snack to your disposal to beat those untimely hunger pangs.

1 Small Cup of Microwave Popcorn

No time to cut veggies or fruits, no problem, take a small cup of popcorn, microwave it. Make sure you do not add any salted butter or caramel to the popcorn as that will immediately increase its calorie count. Have it plain and simple.