5 Benefits of White Butter That Will Blow Your Mind

As Indians, we are no stranger to white butter. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was such a big fan of this superfood that he would often run into trouble for stealing the same from his kitchen. White butter or maakhan continues to be a popular choice in India, despite the complete dominion of salted butter in supermarkets. Many people like to churn it at home, with pure milk. Homemade white butter is said to be replete with health benefits. It is not only less harmful to your body, as compared to salted butter, but also has a much creamier flavour than the latter. Try adding a dollop on top of your steaming hot parathas and you would know.  

1. Good for heart

Since salted butter can wreak havoc on your heart health and may raise those BP levels, white butter could prove to be an effective alternative.  

2. Weight management

Surprised? Don’t be. Healthy fats are as important for your weight-loss journey as that tall glass of protein shake, so hear us out. White butter is a good source of lecithin, a kind of fat that helps aid metabolism. A faster metabolism is key for weight-loss.

3. Excellent for skin

The healthy fats present in white butter helps improve the elasticity of skin thereby lending a natural glow to your dull and lifeless skin.  

4. Good for joints and bone-health

The molecular structure of white butter is such that it can naturally lubricate your joints. It is considered to be an age-old remedy for joint-pain. If you are suffering from the same, try adding one tbsp of white butter in your diet daily.

5. Incredible for brain

White butter also comprises decent amount of Arachidonic Acid (AA) which is known to help improve brain function and memory.  

So, when you are you making the switch?