5 Benefits of Starting Your Day With Soaked Fenugreek Water
Image Credit: Fenugreek seeds (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Fenugreek water is a herbal remedy for an array of health problems. It is a part of Ayurveda with which nature has blessed us. Also known as Methi, fenugreek, when soaked in water, becomes exceptionally beneficial due to its multiple medicinal properties. Its potency is undeniable. If used in the right amount, this natural ingredient can control diabetes, says research in the International Journal For Vitamin and Nutrition Research. So, it would be best to put this natural ingredient to use by soaking the seeds overnight and consuming the nutrient-rich water the first thing in the morning. A teaspoon of these seeds would be enough to be absorbed. Also, do warm the fenugreek water before consuming it empty stomach. You can also use fenugreek seeds while cooking but make sure you take them in small quantities as Methi seeds are hot. If you are yet not convinced about this home remedy's health properties, here we list a few pronounced benefits of making fenugreek water a significant part of your daily dietary routine.

Boosts Immunity

People with Kapha Dosh (lacking body heat) are said to have a weaker immunity. These kinds of people are more prone than others to flu, cold, and cough. Having fenugreek water daily can generate heat in the body, increases vitality, and improve immunity.

Suitable For Pregnant And Lactating Mothers

Daily consumption of fenugreek seeds by lactating mothers can aid in milk production. That's why these seeds are added to laddoos made for nursing mothers. This home remedy helps in the speedy recovery of new mothers and getting their uterus back to its pre-pregnancy phase. 

Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Level

If you have been diagnosed with pre-diagnostic symptoms or have diabetes, fenugreek seeds are your saviour. These are excellent for controlling blood sugar levels and tackling insulin resistance. Having fenugreek water empty stomach every day in the morning can make your body more responsive and sensitive to insulin and prevent high blood glucose levels. 

Aids in Weight Loss

Your body's metabolism rate plays a significant role in losing weight. Fenugreek water boosts your metabolism and helps in digesting food faster. Also, it generates heat in the body and assists in shedding those extra kilos. 

Good For Effective Digestion

Being an excellent antacid, fenugreek water's regular consumption can strengthen your digestive system and treat bloating and gastritis problems.