5 Beautiful Food Plants That Can Add Beauty to Your Edible Landscape

Do you want your patio to look beautiful? Do you also want to grow food in your garden but the idea of overhauling it into an allotment doesn’t sound good to you? You needn’t worry. There is a way to grow the food garden of your dreams without compromising on its appearance. There are a few edible plants that are easily available in the market and can make the outdoor area of your house look pleasing. Let’s know about a few of them.


Chives are edible beauty with attractive lilac blooms. They are an herb that tastes delicious and has an oniony flavour. Growing chives near peppers in your garden can not only enhance its appearance but also deter pests. Moreover, flavour of tomatoes enhances if grow this herb nearby. 


Sunflower is an easy-to-grow plant with a large daisy-like flower face. Sunflower seeds contain a good amount of fat and they are considered extremely healthy for your cardiovascular health. A single serving of sunflower seeds contains approximately 6 grams of protein. You can have them raw or roasted.


Pansies are highly decorative perennial flowering plants. Their sepals can be used in salad and desserts. You can eat the flower, its stamen, pistil, and sepals. But, before eating them, make sure they have not been exposed to pesticides. 

Swiss Chard

This leafy vegetable comes in different colours. You can plant these around your garden beds to make the border look stunning. Swiss chard can tolerate both heat and frost. Therefore, you need not worry about it. The vegetable tastes extremely good when eaten raw. 

Garden Nasturtium

This orange coloured flower is extremely pretty and multi-functional. They have significant medicinal properties and are edible too. Garden Nasturtium looks dazzling and can steal the limelight in your garden. You can eat the entire Garden Nasturtium plant. It has a warm peppery flavor and it is rich in immunity-boosting vitamin C, iron, and minerals.