5 Astonishing Tea Traditions Around The World

It may come as a surprise to many, but for the longest time, tea was only consumed for its medicinal properties. It was much later that the beverage became a fashionable fixture in local gatherings. The origins of tea lie in China. The Chinese took tea to the world via trade and the rest as they say is history. The British took such a deep liking to the beverage, that they tried to convert their colony India into this tea-producing country that could challenge the Chinese dominion in the realm. History is witness to many illegal trades, smuggling and national rebellions that took place just because of tea. That’s right, in the infamous ‘Boston Tea Party’ incident of December 16, 1773, about 342 chests of tea belonging to East India Company were dumped at the Boston Harbour by American patriots. They were protesting the unfair taxes exempted on tea, this incident is also touted as one of the early triggers of America’s revolutionary war against the British supremacy.  

Even though tea has a laidback and a rather leisurely reputation today. It is anything but a beverage to take lightly. These astonishing tea traditions around the world are proof.  

1. From High Above: Moroccan Mint Tea

Also known as Touareg tea, this is a very popular tea in North African culture. A sweet mixture of mint and green tea is poured from a height in tiny glasses. Doing so helps aeration and better infusion of flavours. The peculiar way of pouring the tea is also a mark of showing respect to the guests. The addition of nuts and dry fruits makes the tea an exquisite part of well-to do gatherings.


2. The English 'Afternoon' Tea

This is arguably one of the most popular tea traditions of the world. While most of you would like to wait till until evening to relish your cup of tea, but the Englishmen and woman cared about no such time bounds. Ever since tea was introduced to England in 17th century, the British elite became notorious for their affection for tea. They would gather around 3 to 4 p.m with their friends and family for a round of tea, scones, sandwiches and other intricate delicacies. The English afternoon tea tradition is still very much in vogue.

3. Butter Believe It: The Himalayan Butter Tea

Did you go back to read that again? We were surprised too the first time we heard of it. But this preparation is not just another unusual take on tea. A big blob of butter is added to hot tea because it is known to keep you warm and energetic in freezing temperatures. The butter tea is very popular in parts of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

4.The Sweet Persian Tea Ritual

Persian tea or Iranian tea is a very strong, black tea that is brewed in a Samovar, a mettalic decorated tea urn. Since it is so bitter, the ‘proper way’ to have it is placing a sugar cube betwixt your teeth and then sipping the tea.  

5. Indian Chai and Adda

Countless chai ki tapris or tea stalls that line the streets of India are still selling tea at meagre prices of Rs. 5 or Rs. 10. These tea stalls, thus continue to be preffered hotspots for a bunch of friends, lovers, intellectuals and strangers for an ‘adda’, or a chill spot/session where you can enjoy your cup(s) of tea at your pace without any judging.