5 Andhra Recipes That Are Too Good to Resist

If you are from North India or from anywhere else but from South, there is a good chance that your knowledge of South Indian food is limited to idli, dosa, vada, sambhar and uttapam. But did you the cuisine is perhaps one of the most diverse cuisines of all times, with each state of the region having its own special curries, breads, spices and even the technique of cooking! If Tamil Nadu has the spicy Chettinad to its credit, Andhra cuisine boasts of its aromatic biryanis and flavourful pickles and pachadis (chutney)!

Andhra cuisine is known for some of the most mouth-watering delicacies with an extensive use local ingredients such as Gongura leaves, Guntur chillies. Rice is one of the most common staples across meals in the region served along with tangy hot curries. Coastal Andhra is home to a lot of lip-smacking meat and seafood delicacies.  

If you are new to the cuisine and wish to explore it to its complete depth, we’ve got 5 of the best Andhra recipes to try: 

1. Andhra Chicken Curry 

Complete with the addition of coconut paste, this Andhra style chicken curry is perfect for your next dinner party at home! Succulent chicken chunks tossed with spicy masalas is enough to impress taste buds of all! Pair with steamed rice for a wholesome meal. 

2. Gongura Pachadi

A mouth-watering blend of fresh gongura(sorrel) leaves spiced with red and green chillies, gongura pachadi (chutney) is a signature dish of Andhra Pradesh that can instantly please any crowd! Gongura is a staple ingredient of Andhra Pradesh which is used across pachadis, pickles and curries. 

3. Gongura Mutton 

Spicy, tangy and simply irresistible, this fiery mutton curry from the region is a stellar dish for anyone who loves all things spicy! The mutton is marinated in a pool of spices including gongura pickle, but you can simply use the leaves too. 

4. Gutti Vankaya Gasagasala Kura 

A yummy Andhra-style eggplant curry which is quite popular across households in the region, this is basically eggplants stuffed with a spicy masala and cooked in a luscious hot curry. A traditional vegetarian curry bursting with flavours, this could be a great way to give spin to a usual eggplant dish.  

5. Mutton Biryani 

How can we not have biryani on the list when talking of Andhra cuisine!? Straight from the land of nawabs exhibiting a royal spread of mouth-watering Mughlai food, Hyderabadi biryani is a gastronomic wonder that has taken Indian cuisine a new heights in the culinary world.