5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sumac
Image Credit: Unsplash

Do you want to update your spice cabinet? While you may have heard sumac mentioned in recipes, few people are aware of its nutritional benefits and the several ways it may be used. Sumac is a spice that is indigenous to the Mediterranean region. It's prepared by grinding down the bright red berries found on Rhus Coriaria plants and has a distinct zesty flavour that complements a wide variety of foods and sauces. Sumac has been used for generations in its home region as well as the Middle East, yet it is still one of the most underutilised spices. Sumac is packed with nutrients in addition to imparting a sour flavour to dishes. Here are just a few of the potential health benefits of increasing your intake of it.

1. Anti-inflammatory

Sumac's flavonoid concentration, which has anti-inflammatory properties, shows promise for brain health. Sumac, the researchers discovered, decreased inflammation in the brain and neurological system. They concluded that sumac may aid in the treatment of degenerative nervous system disorders.

These same anti-inflammatory properties can also protect interior organs. Sumac was studied for intestinal damage and failure, and researchers discovered that it is a promising treatment for preventing these ailments. Sumac contains antioxidants, provides immunological support, and aids in the prevention of cell death. Another study published in 2009 concluded that sumac benefits help protect against organ and DNA damage.

2. Enhances skin

Sumac also possesses skin-protective properties. It was traditionally used to treat wounds. Sumac plays an intriguing role in skin health, according to recent studies. Sumac aided in the inhibition of undesirable cell growth or the killing of previously damaged skin cells. This prevented irritation and UV damage. Sumac may be an excellent method to "eat your sunscreen."

3. Provides muscle relief

Sumac can also aid with muscle discomfort after exercise. A randomised trial published in Physiology International supplied sumac juice to one group on a daily basis. When compared to their non-juicing colleagues, the sumac group experienced reduced discomfort and improved workout recovery. Sumac was discovered to alleviate inflammation and pain by researchers.

4. Regulates blood sugar

High blood sugar levels can have serious consequences for many aspects of health. It can cause fatigue, headaches, frequent urination, and increased thirst in the short term. Maintaining high blood sugar levels over a long has even more serious repercussions, including nerve damage, renal difficulties, and poor wound healing. Sumac may help maintain normal blood sugar levels, according to some research. In one trial, 41 persons with diabetes were randomly assigned to receive either three grammes of sumac spice or a placebo every day for three months. Sumac spice was found to reduce blood sugar levels by 13% and even improved overall blood sugar control at the end of the study.

5. Anti-microbial

Sumac is an anti-microbial and anti-fungal spice that can aid in the treatment of skin irritation and diseases. Scientists are also investigating Sumac's remarkable capacity to fight bacteria such as Salmonella and have discovered that it may safely disinfect fruits and vegetables. Sumac has been demonstrated in studies to have amazing anti-microbial properties that inhibit the growth of common oral bacterial strains that cause infectious disorders of the mouth.