5 Amazing Benefits Of Chia Lemonade That You Must Know

Keeping ourselves hydrated in summers is one of the top priorities that many of us tend to ignore on a daily basis. We are only aware of that we need to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday, but we tend to be casual about it. Our whole body depends upon the balance of water levels. It can be hard to drink regular water every day, thus you can twist your hydration game by bringing chia lemonade in your diet. This concoction can be the elixir which can easily benefit you in innumerable ways. Lemon is widely popular for its rich antioxidants which is available in every household and mixing it with superfood like chia seed gives the drink a whole new level of health boost. These two ingredients have existed in various cultures for thousands of years and have proven a plethora of benefits that are good for our overall health. Some of these benefits are listed here.

1. Maintain pH levels

Lemons and chia are alkalizing in nature, this property can help in purifying the blood while keeping the pH balance at check. Maintaining the pH balance is essential for our body as it lowers the inflammation and also flushes out the uric acid which causes pain and aches in the joints.

2. Healthy Fiber

The drink has both important ingredients that are packed with fibres. This component ensures a healthy gut system and also helps in regulating bowel movements.

3. Good For Blood

Chia lemonade is enriched with components like potassium which helps in protecting the walls of the blood vessels. As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 100 gms of chia seeds and lemon contain 407 mg and 138 mg of potassium respectively.

4. Weight Loss

Both lemon and chia seeds have vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and soluble fiber which helps in promoting healthy weight loss. These two components give the feeling of fullness which further helps in preventing unnecessary bingeing.

5. Good For Skin

Chia lemonade is loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These substances make sure that the free radicals don’t damage our skin while keeping the skin naturally hydrated and supple from within.

Don’t forget to keep yourselves hydrated during in this heat, give this yummy lemonade a chance.