5 Alternatives To Curb Your Chocolate Craving
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Do you also feel a slave to selective hunger? Many of us are victims of food cravings extending from salt to fried to sweets. Body Text: We usually crave specific foods which indicate some deficiency of micro or macronutrient. Mainly food high in fat and sugar set one’s heart on and chocolate is one best example that contains both. In comparison to men, mostly women lose control when hit by any food cravings, especially chocolates. But let’s not make it gender biased. Anyone can crave it, ranging from a kid to old age. While you face such a situation, what do you do? Grab a chocolate bar, or a cookie, or a spoon of Nutella, or any chocolate ingredient, and later feel guilty about the extra calories you added to your belly. Don’t worry, we have a remedy for your chocolate cravings. But before that, it’s important to find the reason for your chocolate cravings.  

Image credit: Pexels

Why do you hanker for chocolates?  

A sudden thrust that makes you go mad for chocolates may have many reasons counting from just a habit of eating chocolate during a day as many eat a bite of chocolate after every meal, so it’s a routine for them. A few women yearn for chocolates during PMS. Some eat to suppress stress, anxiety, or depression as the high sugar content alleviates the mood for some time. For some, it helps to feed the stomach when hungry. Some may also crave it if experiencing magnesium deficiency as it is believed that dark chocolate is high in magnesium content. You may also come across a few who grab it for a caffeine boost.  

Chocolates have health benefits but are equally high in sugar and fat which can be deleterious for many. Here’s a healthy alternative to say goodbye to your chocolate cravings 

Healthy Nuts: Go for a handful of nuts. These are protein-rich and low in carbs and make you feel full and curb the chocolate craving.  

Your Favorite Fruit: Whenever chocolate cravings knock you, it is best to grab a bite of your beloved fresh fruit. It will help satisfy your sweet thirst with some health benefits.  

Yogurt: Yogurts are filled with calcium, protein, magnesium, and multivitamins. They have the ability to satisfy your chocolate cravings. 

Smoothies/Milkshakes: A homemade smoothie or milkshake of your choice of fruit or flavor can help you relieve your weakness of chocolates. It is full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and calcium and, of course, flavor. In no time you never know, it becomes your new weakness. Kidding.  

Hold Back: Though it needs a lot of sway, try to resist for 15-20 minutes, and if able to overcome, that’s the best to curb your chocolate cravings forever. Still, if it persists, go for a small chunk of it.  

Also, stay Hydrated! 

Craving for chocolates is not bad, but its excessive eating is harmful. Eating them in moderation is always recommended. And one can always hunt for healthy bites to cut the sugar intake.