4 Ways to Make Your Momos More Wholesome And Delicious
Image Credit: Momos (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

If you live in Delhi, you understand the craving for momos. It’s not that others don’t but we can’t deny, Delhites have a special place for this Nepali dish in their hearts. Whether it is winter, summer, or rainy season, we have got a reason to eat these delicious steamed dumplings. Served with spicy schezwan chutney and mayonnaise dip, momos are a delight to have. It is almost impossible for a momo lover to get bored of eating plain classic momos. But, they can definitely think of experimenting with it. If you want to explore a variety of ways to have momos and make them more delicious and wholesome, scroll down.

Butter chicken Momos

No, this fusion is not a disaster. Pairing these two favourite dishes of yours is going to give you a blissful experience. All you need to do is toss momos in creamy butter chicken gravy. Either have it this way or pass it through smoke in order to get that unique smoky flavor.

Soup Momos

Imagine this, ideal monsoon season and you are in your balcony sipping your bowl of soup and getting a few bites of mouth-watering momos. Enticing enough? Then, go for this heavenly mix-up. A hot and sour soup with steam momo will go perfectly together.

Momo Salad

Salads may be healthy but sound so boring. Agree? If yes, then why don’t you try this new snack? Get your favourite steamed momos, a few veggies, and seasoning. You are all good to make a delicious bowl of momo salad.

Momo Lettuce Wrap

Want to have something juicy and tempting? Momo lettuce wrap is what you should have. This roll stuffed with momos and veggies is delectable and nutritious too. To make it, you need to place a lettuce leaf. Put momo in the center and ingredients including carrots, sprouts, and mint leaves around it. Add your favourite sauce and roll the leaf. Seal it with a toothpick and your scrumptious delight is ready.