4 Ways To Give Your Meals Unique Makeover With Vermicelli
Image Credit: Vermicelli is widely popular across the globe.

Do you know how you can make a bowl of noodles healthier? Simply replacing it with a bowl of vermicelli! A great option for fitness enthusiasts, vermicelli (semiya) is a thinner version of noodles with roots from Italy, Asia and even Mexico. It is a common ingredient that is used extensively in various Indian regional cuisines and is thus readily available in the market too. One can call it a healthier alternative of both pasta or noodles and makes for a great option for the kids to relish.

Vermicelli is widely popular across the globe. In Italy, in fact, it is known as a type of pasta itself which is similar to spaghetti. The best part though is that vermicelli has no flavour of its own, which makes it a versatile food that absorbs the flavour of ingredients it is cooked with.

In many parts of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is cooked as a delectable, sweet treat called seviyan (or kheer), while in parts of Asian countries, it is used in preparing flavourful stir-fries, soups and salads. Isn't that interesting how one single ingredient can be used in myriad ways?

Here are 4 ways how you can cook vermicelli at home:

One of the most popular Indian breakfasts, upma is versatile and can be made with many ingredients and vermicelli is one of the most common ones. Splutter a few spices and herbs together, toss in roasted vermicelli along with some water along with ground spices and you'll have a lip-smacking morning meal to relish.

A comforting sweet treat, seviyan kheer is also popularly made during many festivities such as Eid. Vermicelli cooked in thickened milk combined with dates and other dried fruits that results in a thick, decadent pudding which is hard to resist.

Combine the goodness of ragi, a superfood with versatile vermicelli to make these instant idlis at home. Perfect for quick and wholesome meals for kids. 

Give your regular lunch a makeover with this easy pulao recipe which is replete with fragrant with aromatic Indian spices. Flavoured with the sweetness of coconut and some crunchy vegetables for added texture, this vermicelli pulao is ideal for a quick lunch or a party.