4 Unique Desserts That You Will Find Only In India

It is inevitably true that Indian cuisine is incomplete without desserts and leaving the dining table without having a piece of sweet is almost a blasphemy of sorts. In addition to 'meetha', we are also very fond of fusion, and combining elements that are inconceivable.  Sometimes it can shock you out of your wit, but most of the times you are just plain impressed. While besan ladoo, rasgullas and kaju katlis may be the most popular sweets in the country, there are many unique sweet gems that still remain unknown to most.

These quirky Indian desserts surely boast Indian diversity because of its own distinct texture, taste and richness that can be found in different parts of the country. And therefore, we have brought you some of the lesser-known but super unique sweets of India that you should definitely try.

Mirchi Halwa

Mirchi ka halwa, the greatest culinary paradox belongs to Rajasthan. This marvelous dessert differs from other conventional sweets, mainly due to the use of locally available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Mirchi ka halwa is prepared from boiled green chilli paste cooked with khoya and semolina.

Benami Kheer

Benami kheer mostly known as lehsun ki kheer comes from the most luxurious Awadhi cuisine. This kheer requires culinary skills as the real taste of the kheer lies in the removal of pungency of garlic, giving the kheer a hint of spice with the right amount of sweetness.

Parwal ki Mithai

Parwal also known as pointed gourd is a small tender vegetable which is turned into a delicious sweet with soft khoya stuffing. This delicacy is much enjoyed in Bihar for its unique flavors as the sweetness of khoya rightly balances the boiled vegetable’s bitterness.

Chenna Poda

This sweet dish is Orissa’s take on burnt cheesecake. As chena poda literally means burnt cheese- chena means cottage cheese and poda means burnt. In chena poda, cottage cheese is kneaded carefully with sugar and dry fruits and is baked until it turns golden brown in color. The divine taste of caramelized sugar and cottage cheese makes it a combination that is hard to resist.

Instagram Image by @myservingtable

Have you tried any one of them? If not, then you should definitely put them down on your foodie bucket list.