4 Tips To Make A Perfect Smoky Grilled Chicken At Home
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Grilled chicken is a timeless classic that has been savoured by meat lovers all over the world. With just a few ingredients like chicken, hung curd, cumin, and black pepper, this simple yet flavorful recipe has the power to awaken your taste buds with its smoky aroma and crispy texture. When grilled to perfection, the meat is tender, succulent, and juicy, while the skin boasts a gorgeous golden-brown hue with just a hint of char. For centuries, humans have been perfecting the art of barbecuing, and it's no secret that flame-grilled meat has a unique smokiness that pairs perfectly with savoury sauces and marinades. Yet, mastering the art of grilling can be a daunting task. Overcooking, drying out, or charring the meat are common pitfalls that can leave even the most skilled chefs feeling defeated. But fear not; with these expert tips, you'll be grilling chicken like a pro in no time.

Use High-Quality Fresh Meat

You should carefully choose premium ingredients to get your grilled chicken off to a great start. Avoid chicken that has been brine-injected since it may contain hazardous additives as well as compounds that may be used to cover up flaws in the chicken's flavour and quality. Also, you should choose fresh meat; stay away from frozen meat because freezing can change the texture of meat.

grilled chicken/ unsplash.com

Before cooking, marinate your chicken to add flavour. It helps to tenderise the flesh and stops moisture loss. An acid (typically vinegar or lemon juice), an oil, and flavourings (usually herbs and spices) make up a basic marinade. Marinating changes the meat's flavour and texture. The oil in the marinade absorbs and helps prevent moisture loss during cooking; the herbs and spices add flavour, and the acid breaks down the meat's proteins so they can absorb the oil and flavour.

Salt Your Chicken A Day In Advance

Before grilling, consider salting your chicken at least a day (if not longer) in advance. This gives the crystals more time to penetrate the chicken rather than remain on the surface. This process is known as "dry brining." It works well for large chunks of meat or whole chickens that can be challenging to fully immerse in a wet brine or marinade. Dry brining also delivers superb grilled chicken because the salt causes the skin's moisture to drain, allowing for nice, crispy grilling.

Brush The Chicken With Oil Before Grilling

Brush cooking oil on your chicken just before you put it on the grill. Even if you choose to have skinless cuts, a light coating will help you achieve the ideal crisp, browned skin. It is very useful because the oil keeps your meat from sticking to the grill. Just like a pan or baking sheet, you want to avoid food sticking to the grill by putting something between the meat and the metal.