4 Easy Tips To Whip Up A Perfect Bowl Of Fruit Custard At Home

Custard is a rich, thick and delicious dessert that is simply whipped up using milk, cream, custard powder and loads of fruits. Custard isn't just a summer dessert but also a perfect pick for this joyful holiday season.  Some believe that custard preparation is a delicate operation as even a single mistake can mess it up, especially if you go beyond the specified temperature that can lead to overcooking and curdling. Every step plays a vital role such as from choosing the right ingredients, adding them suitably to cooking them at the correct temperature. 

We have come up with some tips and tricks for those who have always faced difficulty in making this creamy dessert. Here‘s all that you can do to ace this exotic dessert at home. 

1. Add a dollop of fresh cream

While whipping up a custard at home, you can add a dollop of fresh cream along with other ingredients. Just a touch of fresh creamy can amp up the flavours and bring out extra creaminess. 

2. Take care of the consistency

The consistency of your homemade custard must be slightly thick and smooth.  You need to heat the milk on a low-medium flame and stir it continuously until there are no lumps. If the consistency of your custard still remains thin, there are many ways you can fix it. Look into the next step to find your answer. 

3. Egg yolks and cornstarch act as perfect thickening agents

It’s a well-known fact that both egg yolks and cornstarch help in binding and thickening any liquid dish. On the days when you don’t have a pouch of custard powder at home, you can simply use either egg yolks or cornstarch to make your custard. 

4. Choosing the right fruits matters

Fruits are the prime ingredients that enhance a bowl of custard. Avoid using canned fruits and always pick fresh and juicy fruits that can make your custard creamy, luscious and extra delicious.   

Here's the full recipe for making custard at home.