4 Sweets To Try This Makar Sankranti That Will Leave You Drooling For Sure
Image Credit: Source: Indian Recipes/Facebook

As soon as the world gets over the new year hangover, Indians prep themselves for one of the biggest and most-awaited festivals of the year. They know that it's finally time for them to bid adieu to the chilly winter days and roll the carpets to welcome the spring. Yes, we are talking about Makar Sankranti. The harvest festival is celebrated lavishly in all parts of India. The festival marks the end of the winter days with the winter solstice and welcome longer days and shorter nights.

Like any other Indian festival, Makar Sankranti also has a host of signature desserts to satiate our sweet tooth. These desserts are mainly made with rich and robust winter produce. The common sight to behold on Makar Sankranti is that of the entire family getting together and prepping for the upcoming festivities. From melting jaggery to grating coconut and making flour out of the newly harvested rice, the preparations for making sweets and desserts on Makar Sankranti are tedious. As Makar Sankranti is around the corner, here are some desserts you can add to your menu.

1. Gur Atte Ka Halwa

If you want to indulge in some gooey goodness this Makar Sankranti, then gur and atta halwa is the one for you. The delicious and gooey halwa is a must-have in my house. Made with simple ingredients, the halwa is laborsaving, healthy and decadent too.  

A Marathi Makar Sankranti can never be celebrated without indulging in til and gur. Tilache ladoos are made with sesame seeds and jaggery and are an absolute favourite. Along with being irresistibly delicious, these ladoos are nutritious and have numerous warming effects on the body.

3. Pithe

Desserts reside in the hearts of every Bengali. Like every other festival, Makar Sankranti also has a signature Bengali dessert linked to it. Pithe are sweet, fried dumplings filled with a mixture of coconut and jaggery. The pithe are then soaked in sugar syrup before serving and are sure to leave you drooling.  

4. Makara Chaula

Being an Odia, I have always had a special place for Makara Chaula in my heart. The fruity and delicious dessert is easy to make and screams indulgence. Want to know more about it? Click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start prepping for the festival already.