4 Simple Ways To Find Out If A Fish Is Fresh
Image Credit: Fish (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

If you are a Bengali, nothing would be pure bliss for you than to indulge in exotic fish. In the same way, those who are a big fan of fish curry, crispy fried fish, or buttery fish steaks would almost always prefer this over everyday food like dal, chawal, and some green veggie. For them, even the thought of relishing fish is a pleasure. However, cooking them or going to the fish market to buy them is a challenge, and not most would be willing to do so. While cooking fish requires skill, purchasing it needs some hacks. If you know them, rest assure to be eating fresh fish. Let’ us tell you about the latter.

Smell it

To ensure the fish you are buying is fresh, you firstly need to smell it no matter how gross that may sound or feel. If it has a mild scent, go for that. Those with a sour odour indicate they are either stale or have been preserved using preservatives. 

Look at the eyes

Yes, it would be best to find out the truth by looking at the fish’s eyes. If they are sunken or have a dull whitish layer, leave it as cloudiness indicates the fish is stale. Instead, go for fishes with bright and bulging eyes. 

Check the texture

The texture of fish tells a lot about its durability. Fishes with a firm texture and shiny skin should be brought. If you feel that the flesh of the fish is bouncing back post touching, it means it is fresh. Also, make sure to check if the scales are coming out naturally. If that’s not the case, go for it. 

Don’t forget to check gills

If you see a bright reddish-pink colour after lifting the gills of a fish, it is fresh. In addition, freshly sources fish from a river or sea have a wet texture. 

Happy fish shopping!