4 Popular Food Items And Stories Behind Their Names
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

You must have noticed that restaurants are coming up with creative names for their recipes. In order to attract us, certain vague names are put into the menu which makes us laugh more than making curious. But there are some food items, the very popular ones, with actually good stories behind their names. If you are a foodie who likes to explore the origin and facts about food, then you might be interested in what we are going to tell you. Here are 4 food items and the history they have behind their popular names.


We all have sandwiches because they are super easy to make and taste delicious. The name is so popular that when we are stuck in a situation between two people or two options, we often say I have become a sandwich. This common breakfast got its name from John Montagu, the 18th Earl of Sandwich, who liked eating two slices of bread with meat between them.

Bombay duck fry

This crispy and delicious dish got its name from an interesting fact. Bombil fish used to be transported from West Bengal by the train Bombay Dak and that's how it is called Bombay Duck.


Nachos are a must-have if you're meeting friends. This was named after the person who made a dish for a group of military wives when no restaurants were open. Ignacio Nacho Anaya later named the food Nacho after those women appreciated it.

French fries

A visit to your favourite fast-food outlet is incomplete without ordering French fries. The interesting part is that it's not French. Instead, they came from Belgium. When American soldiers learned about the food item during World War I, it was by French-speaking soldiers of Belgium. Hence the name French fries.