4 Meat Substitutes For Those Who Recently Turned Vegetarian
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

No matter what's your reason to turn a vegetarian, it is not going to be easy for you. But, believe us, it is not that tough too. There are multiple scrumptious dishes available to replace the non-vegetarian ones. Nowadays, we see many non-vegetarians turning vegetarian or vegan. It's completely a choice but if you have decided, we are here to support you. Those who are looking for a vegetarian source of protein should opt for soybeans, lentils, etc. They have many options to choose from. However, if you are craving the non-veg foods' taste and feeling like having chicken, you have reached the right place. Here we will tell you about a few vegetarian options that can help you get your mind off from all the delicious chicken and other meat dishes.

Soya Chunks

Soya chunks are perfect if you're cravings meat but can't have it owing to your decision of ditching non-veg food. The curry tastes almost like any chicken curry and of course, it's loaded with protein.


Paneer is one vegetarian dish that never disappoints. You can ask your vegetarian friends if you want to know more about the royal status of this item. We can almost bet you'll forget the chicken and other meat quite easily.


From the texture to appearance, mushrooms resemble meat. You can include mushrooms in your daily diet and experiment with them too. They are versatile and yummy.


Similar to paneer, tofu is rich in protein. When mixed and cooked with spices, tofu tastes delicious.