4 Luxurious Alcoholic Drinks With Gold In Them
Image Credit: Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

Alcoholic drinks are expensive in general. Some of them are so luxurious that only a few can afford them. Drinking has become a status symbol these days and when gold, which is another status symbol for ages, is mixed in alcoholic drinks, consuming them seems to be something to be proud of. 

Notably, the use of edible gold in royal cultures and medicines was a common thing in the past. Adding gold flakes to alcoholic drinks is a popular culture these days. Various bars and restaurants around the globe serve the gold mixed alcoholic drinks at insane prices. These drinks look beautiful and taste delicious. Let's know about 4 such rich and famous alcoholic drinks with gold in them.

Goldwasser Danzig Liqueur

This classic drink from Germany sparkles with grandeur. It's a herbal liqueur and was first created in 1958. It was very expensive initially. Loved by high-class people, Goldwasser Danzig Liqueur gained popularity in no time and became timeless.


The name means a goldbeater in German, referring to the people who beat the gold into thin sheets in order to make gold flakes. Goldschläger is a cinnamon schnapps originated in Switzerland. Through its gorgeous bottle, the thin gold flakes could be seen. 

Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka

For all vodka lovers, this drink from France is a treat to the eyes and taste buds. It comes in a half golden half see-through bottle.

Gold Cuvée Wine

Gold in wine sounds the most appealing idea ever. Go for this royal drink if you want to try a luxurious dry wine. The wine sparkles beautifully.