4 Kitchen Gadgets That Are A Must Have Amid Work From Home
Image Credit: Work from home has changed the way we live.

COVID-19 has completely changed our life dynamics. As our home and office converge with the work from home culture spreading up,  things have dramatically shifted in the way we used to balance both in the pre-covid era. In a work environment that is fast resetting, it is also important you reset the space we spend most of our time at- home, and particularly, our kitchen. There is no coffee machine or cafe anymore at this 'workplace'. You make your own coffee, your own meals and your own mid-day snacks, all of this amid endless zoom meetings and calls. Isn't it time to redo your kitchen to make life tad bit easier? 

Here we have 4 kitchen essentials you must have while working from home:

1. Slow Cooker

Also known as crockpot, a slow cooker is turning into a blessing for working people as it not only saves up on a lot of energy as compared to ovens, but can also cook soups, casserole dishes and pies and leftover meats too. All you need to do is toss-in your meat and veggies with some broth and let it cook. It is best suited for families who have 2-3 working people from home with different eating schedules and preferences, since one can easily make a hot meal of their own type without requiring a lot of effort.

2. Rice Cooker

Another boon for WFH employees. Rice is a staple in meals across many countries and this simple gadget, which might seem unnecessary to many, can be used not just for rice but for a quick oatmeal too for your morning meal. You can actually just toss in the ingredients in it, let it cook, go get ready, attend meetings or calls without worrying for the whistle to blow or stress to turn it off at the right time. It comes in specific makings, so you would know what level of rice would need what level of water and would cook exactly how you like it.

3. Portable Juicer

Your solution to healthy mid-day snacking or a wholesome quick morning meal. All you need is a bottle-like portable juicer to keep at your work desk, a couple of fruits and that's it. You are ready with your juice whenever you want. No more searching around your refrigerator.

4. Temperature Control Coffee Mug

Perhaps all the coffee lovers would know what wonders a piping hot cup of coffee can do. A temperature control coffee mug wouldn't spoil your mood after you couldn't drink up due to a long meeting or call. It would retain the same temperature you left it on, so you don't need to make a new cuppa. 

Do you know more such kitchen gadgets? Let us know!