4 Indian Chicken Recipes For Weight Loss

It is not easy for any chicken lover to fully articulate their love for the poultry, but we try anyway. We try harder around people who think chicken is overrated, and/or that it is good only in certain preparations. The culinary world is proof that there is hardly any meat or poultry that is as versatile as chicken. Soup, stews, curries, pickles to salads, chicken can give any dish a delish upgrade. Guess what, it is also a good source of protein, and hence a hit among dieters too. The lean protein in chicken comes sans the fat quotient and hence is helpful in building muscle and keep weight-gain in check.  

And if you are bored of eating the same salad day in and day out, here are ways in which your desi preparations could also help prove effective.  

1. Chicken Tikka

Surprised don’t be? The same chicken tikka that you associate with pure indulgence, could actually be a healthy addition to your dinner. Since tikkas are not fried, they help save a lot of calories. It would be a good idea to avoid malai tikkas and stick to the regular ones.

2. Keto Butter Chicken

Your butter chicken just got a healthy makeover. Instead of heavy cream, low-fat greek yogurt is used in the classic tomato-based gravy, while coconut oil brings in the element of ‘healthy fats’ that are also crucial for weight-loss.  

3. Chicken Chaat Salad

This lovely recipe combines our love for both chicken and chaat. A generous mix of chicken with some greens here, a drizzle of lemon and oil there makes for a wholesome affair.

4. Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

 The Mulligatawny soup was developed in the British Raj era, the soup draws great inspiration from the South Indian Rasam. In this recipe, chicken chunks are added for that extra spark.  

So, what are waiting for? Try these recipes and let us know your favourites