4 Incredible Benefits of Cooking in Clay or Earthen Pots
Image Credit: Food in clay or earthen pots (Picture Courtesy: pixabay)

Clay pot or earthenware has been a significant part of rural Indian households. In old times, handis were extensively used to prepare food. Unlike today, water used to be stored in surahi, and food used to be cooked over mitti ka chulha

The availability of numerous types of non-stick pans and utensils seem to have taken over Indian kitchens. However, some people still understand the benefits of cooking in an earthen pot, and probably that’s why you will find earthen cum terracotta cutlery in their houses. One of the primary reasons why most people do not consider the use of clay pots is that food cooks slowly. For such people, we have listed a few significant reasons why they should opt for a clay pot and begin cooking in it. 

Makes Food Tastier

Being penetrable, clay pots allow heat and moisture to circulate evenly through the foods. Also, its thermal inertia keeps meat tender. Earthenware keeps the aroma and nutrition of the food intact, unlike other types of utensils. 

Balances pH of Food

Earthen pots are alkaline, and that is why neutralize the acidity of your food. This is what makes your food healthier—thinking how? Well, having too much acidic food can cause a lack of oxygen at a cellular level. Therefore, maintaining alkalinity is significant to help the body cells stay alive and function optimally. In addition, the acidic environment is considered perfect for bacteria and viruses to grow, which means the onset of infections and conditions that can compromise your lifestyle. 

Requires Less Oil

Too much oil is not suitable for health. This is not news to us. So, why don’t we look for ways to make our food healthier? Clay pots require minimal oil to cook food. They are heat resistant, and therefore slow cooking helps retain the moisture and natural oil of food. Hence, you do not require too much oil. 


You need not worry about the cost of clay pots. They cost way less than those non-stick and steel pots. Earthenware is readily available at street shops and comes in every shape and size.