4 Effective Home Remedies For Dry Eyes
Image Credit: Salmon (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Feeling like something is in your eyes and that's creating mucus? Do your eyes have become light-sensitive and you feel a painful sensation in them? If yes, you are most probably suffering from dry eyes. It is a health condition caused when your tear glands fail to produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes leaving them dry and scratchy. Various factors including ageing, certain medical conditions, allergies, and medications contribute to dry eyes. The problem is characterized by burning sensations in the eyes, blurred vision, etc. You can take the help of a few home remedies to get rid of the issue. Read on to know about them.

Eat Oily Fish

Oily fishes are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that help better function of oil-making glands in your eyes. This means, having fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, etc. can ease irritation. 

Warm Compress

To get some relief from symptoms of dry eyes, you need to wet a clean cloth in warm water. Squeeze the extra water and then place it over your closed eyes. Let it stay there for around a minute. Meanwhile, press the edge of your eyelid gently. Doing this will loosen the clogged oil in your eyes and lower inflammation.

Clean Your Eyelids

Dry eyes lead to crusty eyelids. To get rid of it, you need to take a few drops of baby shampoo on your fingers and gently wash the base of your eyelids using it. 


Blinking more often can help keep your eyes moist. If your work is computer-dependent and you keep starring at the screen, you are most likely to suffer from dry eyes. When you stare at a blue screen for long, your average blinking rate decreases. Therefore, it is better to follow the 20/20 rule that asks simply to close your eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.