4 Eateries You Must Visit to Try The Most Authentic Misal Pav in Nashik
Image Credit: Misal Pav (Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock)

One of the most popular breakfast dishes of Maharashtra, Misal Pav was originated in regions between Khandesh and Western Maharashtra. The spicy curry dish not only looks tempting but tastes heavenly too. Food connoisseurs know well that not every Misal has the same taste or appearance. You try Misal in different districts of Maharashtra and we bet you will notice a difference in all of them. From Kolhapuri Misal to Puneri Misal and Nagpuri Misal, there is a variety of this curry you can find in the state.

Did you know that Nashik is called the 'Misal Capital of Maharashtra? Yes, you read that right. Such is the popularity of Nashik Misal. Nashik offers the best Misal Pav you can ever taste. It is so delicious that anybody can go weak in the knees. 

Nashik’s Chi Misal is absolutely heavenly. Its best part is complimentary papad and curd served along with the Misal. Here is a list of places you can visit to have the best Misal in the city situated on the banks of river Godavari. 

Sadhana Misal

Popularly known as ‘Chulivarchi Misal’ this eatery offers hot and spicy curry with farsan. You also get two big size pav, a big papad, and curd along with extra Misal curry. What’s special about Sadhabna Misal is the use of homemade spices to make the curry. 

Grape Embassy & Zatka Misal

This eatery offers some of the most delicious dishes you can relish sitting under a grape yard. Their spicy and tempting Misal is just awesome. Along with this curry dish, Grape Embassy & Zatka Misal also serves dry fruit lassi and fresh grapes. Do visit the place along with your family. Here, you can enjoy the tractor ride with drums backside.

Nikhara Misal Nashik

Situated in Samarth Nagar, Nikhara Misal serves the curry dish in mud pots with a smoky coal flavor. That’s what makes their Misal authentic. Along with Misal Pav, they serve fries, sweet curd, and jalebi.

Peruchi Wadi

This restaurant is situated in the middle of a guava farm. If you want to go to a place that is kids friendly and at the same time perfect for adults for unwinding, Peruchi Wadi is the place you should visit. They not only serve Misal Pav but also unique guava ice cream that tastes delicious.