4 Easiest Garnishing Ideas For Your Drinks To Look Party Ready
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Any party or big day would be incomplete for you without drinks if you are a bibulous person. In addition, the drinks need to look appealing and that can happen with beautiful garnishing. How a drink is presented is more important than you can think. By experimenting with a few ideas and ingredients, you can turn an ordinary drink into something classy. Sometimes garnishing is done not only for a better appearance but also to enhance and complement the flavours of a drink. It needs basic creativity to come up with garnishing ideas for your cocktails or plain fruit drinks. Here are 4 easy drink garnishing ideas for your next party.

Edible sticks

These look cool when placed on those glasses filled with beverages. Fruits, especially berries, on these sticks will be irresistible for anyone at your party. You can choose between different sticks like those of herbs and spices.

Fancy fruit cuts

Perhaps using fancy fruit cuts will be extremely easy for you if you're not into decorating your drinks. That's because this method is familiar to most. It involves only cutting your fruits in different shapes like flower or star shapes and placing them over the beverage glass. Always use the fruits that are going with your drink and use different cutters to experiment. This is best for your kid's birthday parties.

Ice cubes

Using ice cubes is a classic way of decorating your drink. It is easy, serves the purpose of cooling the drink, and allows room for a lot of experiments. You can add pieces of fruits (complementing the drink) inside the cubes. Or why just cubes? You can make rounds and other creative shapes with ice too.

Cinnamon sticks

This one will go with all your classy drinks with dark hues. Best for alcoholic drinks, just choose a long cinnamon stick that isn't broken, put it in your drink and that's it. You don't need to add anything else for decoration because this is enough for all the beauty.