4 delicious mango drinks to quench your thirst

Easy-to-make drinks are much in demand in summer season as sweltering heat takes a toll on energy levels and makes one prone to dehydration. Due to the early heat wave, we are already seeing a rise in heat stroke cases and other summer ailments like stomach issues, headache, sunburns and asthma. Experts are advising people to equip their bodies for the upcoming months of May and June which are considered the most uncomfortable months in terms of high temperature. (Also read: Summer special: 6 delectable mango recipes you must try this summer)

Hydrating yourself well is one of the ways to beat the heat and keep your body cool. Considering summer is also the season of mangoes, what better way to quench our thirst with the drinks made of this amazing fruit.

Here are some delicious mango drinks you must try this summer:

1. Mango Strawberry Deconstruct

Mango Strawberry Deconstruct
Mango Strawberry Deconstruct


Yoghurt (low fat) - 300 gm (Thick)

Mango flesh ripe - 50 gm

Strawberries - 50 gm

Sugar (grain) - 40 gm

Fresh mint leaves - 5 gm

Green chilli - 1 no(small)

Ginger - 5 gm


• Blend together mango flesh, ginger, mint leaves, chilli and half sugar in a jar

• Blend together strawberry and remaining sugar in the other jar

• Whisk yoghurt in a bowl till light and fluffy.

• Serve in chilled glass and garnish

2. Mango Sunrise

Mango sunrise
Mango sunrise


Mango pulp - 60 ml

Mango Juice - 120 ml

Grenadine syrup - 15 ml

Ice cubes - 02


• In a glass, put mango pulp and mango juice.

• Add grenadine syrup and two cubes of ice

• Stir the mocktail before serving. Garnish and serve chilled

3. Kachi Ambi

Kachi Ambi
Kachi Ambi


Raw mango pulp - 90 ml

Pinch of crushed cumin seeds

Rock salt as per taste

Lime juice - 10 ml

Crushed ice - 02

Lime drink (to top the glass)


• Add raw mango pulp in a tall glass

• Add two crushed ice, lime juice, salt and top it with lime drink

• Garnish with raw mango slice and mint leaf

4. Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi


Yoghurt - 150 ml

Ripe mango - 01

Sugar - 50 gm

Water - 75ml


• Take set curd in a blender, add mango pulp, sugar in the curd and add water to it

• Blend it well until it is smooth to drink

• Garnish and serve it chilled

(Recipes by Swapandeep Mukherjee, Head Chef, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa)