4 Coolest Ice Cream Cocktails You Need To Try
Image Credit: Image source: Unsplash

Ice creams in your cocktails sound very promising. The rich cream and cooling effect of ice creams complement many alcoholic drinks extremely well. The idea of making ice cream cocktails is sufficient for all the aesthetics you need in your party menu. There's always room for experimenting with cocktails and ice creams. Go for your favourite ones and just keep in mind the tastes you're going to mix. Ice cream will provide a creamy icy touch to your drinks and will look the most appealing. Here is our list of the 4 coolest ice cream cocktails that you need to try for your next summer parties.

The birthday mimosa

Aren't birthday cake ice creams cute? Well, in your cocktails, it will get a new cool avatar. Add a scoop of birthday cake ice cream to your vodka and top off with some sparkling rose to make it irresistible. This will definitely make way to all your summer party drink lists.

Mr. Grey's boozy shake

"Mr. Grey will see you now" at the party. Yes, the reference is to the much-talked-about Fifty Shades trilogy and that's enough for a description. This drink is as gorgeous as the male protagonist was in the plot. Vodka, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup, this is one wholesome ice cream cocktail.

Frozen mudslide

Looking for something simply delicious? This cocktail has the creaminess of chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream with tantalizing taste of vodka, Irish liqueur, and Kahlúa. Garnish and enjoy this perfect mudslide.

Pink squirrel

The shades in this drink scream celebration, thanks to the liqueur (Creme de noyaux) of apricots and cherries used in it. Coconut milk cream, vanilla ice cream, and white creme de cacao are all you need to prepare this cocktail that will look the prettiest and taste equally good.