4 Cooking Mistakes You Should Completely Do Away With

Preparing a good meal requires a nuanced understanding of food flavour pairing and various other cooking dos and don'ts. Not knowing them can sometimes turn your food relishing experience upside down, which can discourage you from cooking the next time. We don't wish any such thing for you. Therefore, we lend our helping hands and tell you about inevitable common cooking mistakes that most people make without realizing.

Overcrowding Your Pan While Frying

Do you have a practice of doing this while sautéing something or frying? If yes, you should completely do away with it. Putting too much food in a pan can give a hard time to the utensil in distributing heat evenly. For example, when you overcrowd a pan with chicken breasts, they cook at different temperatures, affecting their texture. That is why you need to give enough space to the foods while frying them so that an even amount of heat gets distributed.

Not keeping track of Time

If you are a pro at cooking, this particular point doesn't apply to you. However, if you are a novice, you cannot afford to lose track of time and get distracted by multiple other things. Food cooked at the right temperature for the right amount of time is what we all look forward to eating. Excessive cooking can lead to charred food. So, it is advised to keep your eye on the clock or set a timer to keep your sight fixed on the clock.

Serving Meat Right After Cooking

It is a complete 'no' 'no'. Not letting the cooked meat sit for some time before serving is considered a cardinal sin in the culinary world. This action of yours can lead to leaking of juice from the meat and making it dry and flavourless. Therefore, you are advised to let the cooked meat sit for a while at room temperature. You can cover the meat/beef in foil so that it can resoak the juice.

Defrosting Meat in Microwave

Not many home cooks are familiar with the defrost feature of a microwave. Hence, they end up heating the meat in a microwave right after taking it out of a refrigerator to get rid of stiffness. However, doing this means making the meat dry and tough. Therefore, the best way to fix this is to thaw your meat in a refrigerator or a sink.