3 Unique Pav Bhaji Recipes You Just Can’t Miss
Image Credit: Pav Bhaji is the pride and joy of Mumbai's street food scene. Image: @theindian_plate

Think of Maharashtrian cuisine, and one of the first three delicacies to come to mind would definitely have ‘pav’ in it. From the likes of vada pav, misal pav or dabeli, to the quintessential pav bhaji, Maharashtrian cuisine is all about it. Pav Bhaji though, is the pride and joy of Mumbai's street food scene. A host of vegetables mashed together and cooked in masalas and butter, bhaji is definitely one wholesome meal you can’t resist. It is definitely the most versatile as one can make it with several vegetables of choice and yet the taste will hardly change. Paired with soft and buttery pav, the delicacy is hard to let go.  

However, if you think that there is only one way of cooking pav bhaji, you need to give another thought to it! Pav bhaji has been experimented with in myriad ways and each time it tastes better each time. And unique. You might have come across many bizarre street food experiments, but these pav bhaji experiments are quite a breather. Don’t believe us? We have got various such pav bhaji recipes, that are sure to surprise you. From paratha, wraps, kachori to momos, we’ve got it all.  

1. Pav Bhaji Stuffed Crispy Kachoris 

Freshly cooked pav bhaji stuffed inside flour potlis and deep-fried, makes for one interesting dish you can serve as snacks. Unique, delicious and absolutely easy! You can make these kachoris with leftover bhaji as well. 

2. Pav Bhaji Stuffed Gulabi Momos 

This has to be one of the most unique ones of the lot. Flour momos, made in different colours of red, yellow and white, stuffed with bhaji, shaped into roses and deep fried. These deep fried momos are topped with fiery tomato chilli sauce and served. 

3. Pav Bhaji Khakhra 

One of the simplest experiments of pav bhaji, these khakhras are simply stuffed with pav bhaji masala, cooked and served. Easy, flavouful and unique!