3 Unique Halwa Recipes You Can Try At Home
Image Credit: Image: Facebook- Fun FOOD Frolic

A discussion on Indian desserts is never complete without the traditional halwa. Don’t you agree? Easy, quick and irresistible, halwa is just the perfect way to satiate your sweet tooth. Don’t we all remember the aroma of freshly made suji halwa? Or the mighty gajar ka halwa that announce the arrival of the winter season. Piping hot and utterly comforting halwa has been the weakness of many of us. But much beyond suji, gajar, aata, or moong dal lies the many unusual yet utterly delicious halwa that a lot of us haven’t had the chance of devouring yet! Here we have three unique halwas that aren’t much popular, but if you are someone who loves to nosh upon not one or two, but countless bowls of halwa, firstly high five. And secondly, do try these: 

1. Doodhi Ka Halwa 

Some of you might know of this, but most people often don’t know about it. Doodhi ka halwa is made using lauki or bottle gourd, a vegetable with quite a bunch of people who dislike it the most! But well, this halwa might change their perception altogether. They are made with chopped lauki, jaggery, milk and nuts, which lend a little crunch to this smooth halwa!

2. Cholia Halwa

You must’ve had chole puri, chole kulche, chole bhature and even chole chaat, but ever tried a chole ka halwa? This unique halwa made with hara chana or cholia, cream, khoya, sugar, milk, and nuts is simply irresistible! It is also super quick and easy to prepare at home as it only takes a little more than 30 minutes! You can top it with nuts and dry fruits for an added crunch.  

3. Pumpkin Halwa 

Yes, you read that right; you can turn this healthy vegetable into a decadent halwa in less than an hour! Prepared with the goodness of cinnamon, raisins, coconut and crunch of almonds cooked with pumpkin, this halwa is an ultimate delight.