3 Unique Darjeeling Teas You Need To Try On Your Visit To The Queen Of Hills

Darjeeling, ‘The Queen of Hills’ is blessed with picturesque beauty, diverse and distinct culture and some marvellous and rich culinary marvels. The culinary culture of Darjeeling is a blend of the culinary heritage of West Bengal, Tibet and Nepal. From the comforting Thukpas, momos, to the vast array of teas, Darjeeling is a paradise for foodies.  

If someone says they have visited Darjeeling recently, then you are sure to find a picture in the tea garden. The city is blessed with an abundance of tea gardens that produce some of the best tea varieties in the country. Are you planning to visit the ‘Queen of Hills’ anytime soon? Here are some unique tea varieties you need to add to your bucket list.  

  1. Black Tea
    The most popular variant of tea involves a labourious process before coming to the final stage- withering, rolling, fermenting and finally sorting. This tea is the traditional beverage of Darjeeling and is perfect for you, if you prefer a strongly flavoured beverage.  

  2. Oolong
    Brewed to perfection, Oolong tea has an exquisite orange hue with a tinge of gold in it. The tea is not only delicious but also has an interesting story behind its journey to India. It is believed that when the British tried to import tea to India for the first time, they brought Oolong tea from China. The tea is prepared by steaming (keeping the temperature of the water below the boiling point) to retain the colour and taste of the tea.  

  3. White Tea
    The most expensive variety of tea, White Tea is handpicked with care, sun-dried and rolled to perfection. Filled with an abundance of anti-oxidants, White Tea is organic and has derived its name from the white hairs that cover the tea buds. 

Now that you know these varieties of teas that Darjeeling has in store, we hope you won’t miss the chance to have a sip of each one of these.