3 Types of Special Kheer You Probably Would Have Never Eaten
Image Credit: Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Kheers sure are a perfect sweet dish or dessert for every occasion. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat them on regular days because the three kheers we are going to be talking about are not just tasty and convincing, but at the very same time healthy and nutritious. This comforting bowl of sweet dishes is perfect to gather around with family and eat together. We have more varieties of kheer than the usual ones so stay calm as these are sure to subdue your cravings.

1. Kaddu/Kashifal ki Kheer 

One such vegetable you can use in kheers that are going to make it drool worthier is pumpkin. Kashifal, known as ‘pumpkin’ in English, makes it one of the best ingredients to put together in kheers. This healthy kheer requires small freshly cut pieces of cooked pumpkin that must be ground and mixed with milk, desi ghee and flavoured with cardamom, saffron, raisins and dry fruits. The earthy-sweet flavour of pumpkin brings out more deliciousness.

2. Fox Nuts kheer

Fox nuts are commonly known as ‘makhana’ in Hindi. Fox nuts is a very healthy, light snack that holds a major significance during Hindu ceremonies and festivals like Navratri acting as a fasting snack. Fox nuts are enriched with innumerable benefits, and that’s precisely why it makes an ideal ingredient to add in kheers. This creamy bowl of kheer has roasted fox nuts added in a pan full of hot milk and rich ghee.

3. Seviyan kheer

Substitute rice with seviyan and feel the ultimate goodness of kheer; quickest and super delicious for all is exactly what you need. Seviyan is long strings like spaghetti mixed with milk, sugar, flavoured cardamom, sliced pistachios, almonds, and dry fruits. Perfect sweet accompaniment to your meals!