3 Types Of Jaljeera To Try This Summer
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Jal-jeera is a popular Indian beverage. It's flavoured with jal-jeera powder, a spice blend and other Indian spices that blend the flavours well. Jaljeera is a cumin beverage where "Jal" means water in Hindi, while "jeera" means cumin. However, the drink is made with a combination of many spices and chilled water. It's sometimes given as a welcome drink to the guests because it's meant to "startle" the taste buds. 

Cumin, ginger, black pepper, mint, black salt, some fruit powder (typically mango or citrus zest), and chilli or hot pepper powder are all common ingredients you find in a typical jaljeera powder. There are many fascinating legends associated with Jaljeera, it is said that it originated on the banks of the Ganges river. The powder was once crushed on stone slabs and kept in clay pots. Clay pots help in keeping the beverage cool and it also provides an earthy flavour to it. Cumin is added for a strong flavour and is also used as a medicinal herb that improves indigestion. Mint has a cooling effect on the body that is used as a refresher and black salt or rock salt is a great digestive aid. Thus, this summer drink is a complete package of flavours and digestive properties. Jaljeera is popular in northern India because it is believed to offer cooling properties that help to combat the region's high temperatures. It is a tangy and spicy beverage that soothes the body when served chilled, especially during summers. It is also consumed with Gol gappa, puchkas or pani-puri. 

There are different flavours of jaljeera that are served in India 


Imli Jaljeera 

This beverage has a strong tangy flavour of Imli (tamarind).  All you have to do is mix imli water in jaljeera and serve it with sweet red chutney. Imli jaljeera is a sweet and tangy mix of different flavours that burst into your mouth with every sip.  


Jaljeera is known for its cooling and flavour rich properties. A glass of chilled jaljeera during the scorching summer heat is all you need.  It is a blend of sweet, tangy and fiery flavours that go well with any type of snack. There are various types of other spices that you can add to jaljeera that will make your beverage tastier and flavourful. Try these 4 different types of jaljeeras this summer and soothe your taste bud cravings.