3 Types Of Chocolate Chips Every Newbie Must Include In Baking
Image Credit: Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

For those who are new to baking and don't know a lot of ingredients, we are here to help with one primary ingredient you’d love to add. There are multiple types of Chocolate chips you can add to your brownies, pancakes, muffins, cakes, cookies and various pastries. Most intriguing is that they can also be used to put into puddings and kheer. As well as can be garnished or used as toppings on even ice creams. Chocolate chips are tiny chunks of sweetened chocolate used as a significant ingredient in several desserts. These are available and made in cute shapes of triangle, rectangular, circular and sometimes even square. Choco chips help in defining better heavenly taste to your desserts and bakery items. Here are 3 commonly used ones.

Dark Chocolate Chips

Dark Chocolate Chips have a vibrant, tasty flavour which helps in delivering a chocolaty hit to your baking. They have widely demanded their crunchies and it’s flavour. With the help of Dark choco chips, enhance the taste of your final pastries. Use it for garnishing and or rather beautifully use them as a topping.

White Chocolate Chips

White Chocolate chips, another type of chips, widely demand their creaminess, crunchiness and a sweet white chocolate mixed flavour. They are made with soy derivatives, milk solids and flavouring substances such as vanilla essence. Again a great addition to cookies, crepes’, cakes and bakery items. They are also paired well with fruits. If you’re looking into adding these to your smoothies, then undoubtedly go ahead.

Milk Chocolate Chip

These sweet teardrop-shaped volumes of milky flavoured chocolate chips are readily available in the market. They are sweetest and are made from candy bars and, of course, milk solids. Milk powder that adds a creamy light taste makes it different from other chocolate chips. Milk chocolate chips aren't as frequently used as Dark and white chocolate chips as they melt quickly. Always preferable to garnish only.