3 Tips To Make The Perfect Shakshuka At Home

Eggs are my personal favourites when it comes to making a quick, easy and delicious meal. Right from boiled eggs for breakfast, deviled eggs in snack, egg biryani or egg curry for a dinner or lunch meal, there is just no end to how much one can do with a pair of eggs. And these are some of the most popular ideas, there is still so much to explore if we go to various other cuisines that use eggs more innovatively. Take Shakshuka for instance, a dish from Middle-East that has many variations in parts of Egypt, Israel, Palestine, etc. It basically has poached eggs in a delicious mix of tomatoes, green peppers, onions and garlic. It makes for a perfect brunch dish or even a wholesome meal if you wish to try.  

While Shakshuka may look like an easy meal to whip up, considering it only has eggs placed on a bed of tomato sauce, but to get that perfect one, the one with bright yellow runny poached eggs sitting pretty on deep red tomato sauce might require certain tips and tricks to be followed. So if you are planning to make this Middle Eastern treat at home, we’ve got tips to help you ace it.

1. Choose Tomatoes Carefully

Crushed, roasted tomatoes work well for Shakshuka, but the texture, firmness and quality of tomatoes matter the most. Make sure to not add stale or cracked tomatoes.  

2. Know When The Eggs Are Cooked

This is one of the trickiest parts of cooking Shakshuka. The eggs often continue to cook from the residual heat that’s there in the dish which may overcook it. To check if they’ve cooked well, look for egg whites that are mostly opaque, and yolks should have risen a bit. The eggs should jiggle and be runny if you move the pan.

3. Add Tomato Paste

Who said you can’t add tomato paste if you’ve added tomatoes? Tomato paste tends to offer a deep and intense tomato flavor to the dish. It also makes the finished dish taste like it’s been simmering on the stove for longer than it really has. It also gives a unique shine and deep colour to it.

Ready to rustle up some Shakshuka at home? Try this recipe at home.