3 Street Foods In Jaipur You Must Try!

Along with the historical monuments and beautiful ornaments, Jaipur is also home to some of the most amazing gastronomic experiences. Do visit for the color, culture, and community, but above all go to Jaipur for mouth-watering street food that will have you hooked. To give you a brief introduction, we list some of the most amazing street foods from the pink city that you are going to love:  

1Pickles With Roti/Papad 

Served on a piece of newspaper, the spicy pickles in Jaipur have been a huge favorite among the locals. The jars of local pickles filled with tangy mango, mustard, and chillis are strewn along the display section in shops. Pick up some papads too, and dip them in the pickle. Or, you could eat the assorted pickles with bajra roti. When you tear the flatbread, you can almost feel the grains of the bajra roti in your hand. Made from ghee and local grains such as jau and Bengal gram, bajra roti is an acquired taste. Savor the experience in Johari Bazar.  

2. Ghewar 

You might be familiar with Ghewar, as one can find it in across Rajasthan. From the popular chefs who have introduced the delicacy to the rest of the world, to the locals who traditionally gift it to in-laws of their daughter, or enjoy it during the Teej Festival, Ghewar, with its honeycomb appearance, is intensely sweet and is sold on the streets of Jaipur. Prepared with mildly fermented maidafried in oil, and dipped in sugar syrup —Ghewar is extremely simple to prepare. People may also choose to decorate with almonds, solidified milk, pistachios, and strands of saffron.  


3. Gatta Curry 

Whether you have a lot of time to experience a buffet-style meal in Jaipur, or simply want to mosey down the streets for an hour or two, you should be able to spot Gatta curry somewhere. It is bright orange in colour, and has the most delicious aroma of dumplings…cylindrical-shaped Indian dumplings. Made with chickpea flour and dry masalas, these dumplings are simmered in a spicy yogurt curry that will truly tantalize your taste buds to no end 

We hope that you’ll include these experiences in your itinerary the next time you are in Jaipur!