3 Simple Ways To Make Oat Flour At Home
Image Credit: Unsplash

Oats turned into flour are referred to as oat flour. This flour can be used in a wide range of recipes, but it should be handled with caution, as due to the absence of gluten, it is likely to behave differently from wheat flours. Oat flour must be combined with other flours in baking, whether you’re attempting gluten-free baking or just want to jazz up traditional recipes. Oat flour by itself will not cause baked items to rise or hold together. Oat flour is available in most shops, but it can also be prepared at home with a good coffee or spice grinder or food processor.

Oats are a cereal grain that has been produced for thousands of years. Oats have been used for a very long time in a variety of recipes, according to archaeological evidence. But gruels, which are created by heating oats for a long time to soften them, were particularly popular. Other uses for oats emerged over time. One of the most popular is oatmeal, a contemporary version of ancient gruels that is consumed widely throughout most of the world. Oats are a great addition to the diet since they are rich in fibre and a number of beneficial nutritional minerals.

Here’s how you can make oat flour at home:

1. Food processor

To break up the oats, pulse them in a food processor’s bowl a few times. Once the oats are in a fine powder, continue processing them at the usual speed. Do not overprocess the oats, as this can cause clumps to form as a result of the release of their natural oils.

2. Blender

Oats should be added to a pitcher with a high-speed mixer and covered. To keep the oats moving during blending, keep the percolator of the blender handy. The oats should be processed until they become a fine powder, but not clumps.

3. Coffee grinder

To keep oat flour gluten-free and to preserve the purity of its flavour, keep a grinder just for making oat flour. Alternately, thoroughly clean a coffee grinder to get rid of any lingering spice powder or coffee grounds. Oats should be added in little amounts at a time to a spice or coffee grinder. To aerate the flour and ensure that every oat passes through the blades, gently shake the grinder a few times as it grinds the oats.