An all-time favourite and one of the most popular snacks are tortilla chips. We love gorging on a bowl of tortillas accompanied with a flavorful dip wherever cravings hit. Tortilla chips are made out of the dough using cornmeal, spices and water. The dough is first kneaded, rolled out, cut into triangles, and then fried or baked until golden crispy. As a result, tortilla chips are full of lip-smacking flavours and crispness. But have you ever tried making tortilla chips at home? First, of course, you must know how easy they are to make without difficulty. Nevertheless, getting perfectly crispy, crunchy can be pretty tricky for many. So here are some tricks that guarantee getting perfect tortilla chips at home.  

1. Knead a firm dough

The first step in making tortilla chips is kneading the dough. You must ensure to knead a firm dough that is neither too soft nor too hard. Getting the right texture is only possible through kneading a perfect dough. After the dough is ready, you can leave it aside for a few minutes. This will make the dough relatively elastic and help in easy rolling out. 

2. Roll a thin dough

Start rolling the dough out in a chapati shape once it's ready. Roll until it's thin, and then prick it with a fork. Again, do not roll it too light otherwise, your chips will break easily during frying. Also, if the tortilla chips are thick in texture, there are chances they might not be as crispy and airy as they should be. 

3. Fry in olive oil

The last tip from our side is that you must fry your homemade tortilla chips in olive oil. It's your wish to fry or bake. However, in both cases, you can choose to use olive oil. In the case of baking, you can brush them off with olive oil. Olive oil will give your homemade tortilla chips a unique taste and flavour. Olive oil also helps in enhancing the flavours. 

That’s all you need to remember. Quite simple right? Check out the full recipe.