3 Popular Indian Mithais In Agra You Can't Miss

India is known to be a treasure trove of assorted mithais that come in all shapes and sizes. Be it any festive occasion, there are dozens of varieties of mithais that dominate the confectionery aisles in sweet shops. Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh is one such city that offers some of the most popular Indian sweets around. The fan-following is such that folks from around the world travel just to relish these mithais and bring back kilos of sweet-scented boxes. And if you haven’t tried any of them, you probably have missed out on another wonder that the city of Taj Mahal offers. We are biased toward these 3 mithais from the city: 


1. Angoori Petha  

Agre Ka Petha! No discussion about Agra is complete without the mention of petha, isn’t it? The best-selling mithai in Agra is the angoori petha, which is made by cutting ash gourd, also known as white pumpkin, and turning the pieces into cubes before dousing them in sugar syrup. Apart from the delicate balance of flavors that petha is famously known for, it has the translucence of the white marble. Angoori petha has been spoken about in every conversation surrounding Agra sweets till date!   


2. Soan Papdi  

Soan papdi or Patisa is another cube-shaped delicacy that has a lot of fans in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. But in Agra, soan papdi is almost as smooth as candy floss! The threads are stacked together tightly and garnished with ghee and dry fruits. No matter how carefully you try to take a bite, the more you try to eat the flaky strands of the mithai, they just fall over the place! But the nutty flavours of cardamom and gram flour stay with you.  


3. Doda Barfi 


One of the most mouth-watering mithais in Agra is doda barfi. Made with lots of milk, cream, and ghee, it is no wonder that Agra is also famous for doda barfi. Milk sweets are common in the city. This mithai tastes like fudge, with the Indian spin. In other words, any mithai has lots of nuts such as pistachios and almonds on the top! If there is one mithai that you will wipe off in a day, it is doda barfi.  

Agra has a legacy of serving some of the best varieties of these mithais, so make sure to pack some for your loved ones too while you are in the city!