3 Places In Delhi To Grab A Satisfying Place Of Bedmi Puri And Aloo Sabzi

Delhi, the capital state of our country is indeed the ultimate destination for foodies. A happening place like Delhi has got everything to offer us from the historical places to India’s best and scrumptious street food. While Delhi is mostly famous for its tantalizing chaat, delicious chole bhature, buttery parathas, kebabs, kulfi and more. One of the hidden gems out of all is this mouth-watering combo of aloo sabzi and bedmi puri. Bedmi Puri is a crispy Indian flatbread that is made out of urad dal. These tasty puris are paired with a bowl of chatpata aloo sabzi which seems like a match in heaven. Stalls and shops in Chandini Chowk and Connaught place are always overcrowded with people devouring a plate full of spicy aloo sabzi and bedmi poori. Aloo sabzi and bedmi poori is undoubtedly the second best combo that comes from Chole-Bhature. The craze for Delhi's street food among Indians has been there since forever. You can’t leave the state without savoring the rich taste of Delhi’s street food that the whole nation gushes over. Here are 3 restaurants in Delhi you must visit. 

1. Sri Ram Bedmi Poori Wale

This is one of the best places in Delhi where you find the tastiest bedmi puri in the city. It’s quite affordable and offers aloo-bedmi puri having supreme taste and quality. 

Location: 27/1,SHOP, 1, Jail Rd, Prem Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Delhi, 110018

2. Tewari Brothers

Tewari brothers is another restaurant in Connaught place that attracts its visitors for its unforgettable taste and a variety of street foods other than just aloo and bedmi puri. 

Location:  Municipal Market, 73, Connaught Cir, Connaught Lane, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

3. Jain Sahab Bedmi Poori

Your visit to Delhi will absolutely be incomplete if you don’t stop by at this eatery. It is one of the famous restaurants and also the oldest. If you get a chance, do try it out. 

Location: 4701, 21-a, Ansari Rd, Daryaganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110002