3 Must-Try Odia Drinks To Indulge Yourself In Heavenly Flavours
Image Credit: Instagram Image by @_odisha_s_fairytale_flavours_

Odia cuisine offers a variety of delectable dishes but have you tried their drinks yet? Odia drinks are quite delightful, incredibly pleasing, flavourful and always promises to leave us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated right after a single sip. Orissa is known equally both for its alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks that are ideal to drink anytime. The best part about Orissa drinks that tempts us even more is that they can be enjoyed all year long and always bring a lively spirit in us. So let’s get into knowing some Odia mocktails you would love to try.

1. Landa Baguli

Landa baguli is one of the most popular refreshing drinks of Orissa. It is made with sweet basil seeds that brings out the ultimate flavour and richness the drink is known for. Before making, basil seeds are soaked for about an hour and then mixed together in whipped curd with sugar. Some people love to add a dash of lemon juice for an extra zing of flavour. Landa bagali is sure to quench your thirst with its super refreshing and tangy flavours. 

2. Tanka Torani

Tanka torani is another well- known Odia drink which is made with fermented rice water along with fresh curd that is added to increase the consistency of this summer drink. It’s also spiced up by adding mango, ginger, turmeric chili powder, cumin and slit green chillies. It delivers a taste that is the perfect blend of sweet and spice. Tanka torani is also regarded as a holy drink as it is a part of ‘Mahaprasad’ offered to Lord Jagannath. It is traditionally kept in earthen pots and served chilled.

3. Dahi Pudina Sharbat

A glass of sharbat packed with myriad flavours is all we need. This dahi pudina sharbat will delightfully please you to no end. It is blended by adding curd, water, ginger, green chillies, fresh mint leaves, roasted cumin powder and served chilled with a sprinkle of black pepper over the top.