These three herbs are sure to make your cooking special and aromatic.


Salvia rosmarinus, commonly known as rosemary, is a type of herb that is native to Mediterranean and Asain continents. The word 'rosemary' derives its name from Latin meaning ‘dew of the sea’. With a name so charming and intriguing to hear, rosemary indeed has an ability to make any delicacy worth dying for. With a pine- like fragrance and a pungent flavor, this aromatic shrub would go best with Italian and Spanish cuisines. Not only does it taste good in culinary dishes such as lamb but it’s also an excellent source of calcium and vitamins. Apart from being used in cooking, this herb has been hailed for its essential herbal hair oil properties and medicinal benefits.



Thyme is perhaps one of the most preferred herbs used in cooking.It is best cultivated in hot, sunny weather in a well-drained location. Poland is home to the world's best quality thyme leaves, where they’re very carefully picked and imported from. Thyme being warm and pungent in flavour, makes for an excellent companion for almost every dish. Right form pasta, roasted meat, fish, grilled chicken to soups, etc. When added to French and Italian cuisines, thyme takes the delicacies to a whole new level. 



Tarragon is just another type of herb you would love to combine with as many cuisines and food dishes as you can. It’s light, flavourful and adds a very irresistible herb. There's a very popular dish that is made out of this herb known as ‘ Tarragon chicken skewers and tarragon sauce. Apart from using it as a seasoning in food dishes, it too has medicinal properties. It is also great for weight loss.   

So next time, don’t forget to add these herbs to your cooking.