3 Ingredient Salads For Healthy Office Lunch
Image Credit: Kale salad/ unsplash.com

When it comes to the world of healthy eating, less is more. The pandemic demonstrated the impact of home-cooked, portion-controlled meals on weight growth. It's still crucial to stick to the healthy eating routine you've been following. Don't compromise on good eating habits even when you are venturing out. Here are some tips to help you make your dabba slim, lean, and hassle-free. Simply prepare wholesome, hearty salads with only three ingredients. Here are some suggestions about what to prepare.

MONDAY- Green beans with peanuts and tofu

Make a delicious green bean salad with chunky tofu bits and a peanut dressing. All you need to do for this is cook the green beans, combine them with the cubed tofu, and then add the prepared sweet-chilli dip or a peanut-chilli dressing made with lime sugar and red pepper flakes.

TUESDAY- Watermelon and feta basil

This is a summer essential that is also a great office snack. The watermelon only has to be sliced up into cubes. Basil leaves and feta cheese crumbled into it. Add some lime juice if you'd like. Enjoy!

WEDNESDAY- Arugula parmesan with sea salt

SATURDAY- Red cabbage salad with peas and carrot

Red cabbage, which is full of nutrients, must also make it into your lunchbox. It is raw, colourful, and nutritious. To make this, shred the carrot and thinly slice the red cabbage. Add boiled peas to your salad dressing. You could also add mustard to it.