3 Detox Drinks You Can Try For Weight Loss
Image Credit: A detox drink is low on calorie and fats.

Weight loss is one goal that a majority of the population is struggling to achieve. Through rigorous physical activity, yoga or diet, people are adopting various tips and techniques to achieve the desired number for their weight. While physical activity is a must, diet is one of the most critical factors to affect your weight loss journey. Many experts and nutritionists have stressed that while it is essential to be mindful of what you eat, one shouldn’t starve to weight loss. A healthy, balanced diet is a must!  

At this stage, the trend of detox drinks has taken the world of health and fitness by storm, with more and more people opting for a detoxing diet. And in a world full of packaged, preservative food, this is a breath of fresh air! Detoxing is a process that helps cleanse the vital organs of our body themselves, eliminating waste products and toxins absorbed from the air, soil, water and food. A detox drink is low on calorie and fats, and thus they aid in weight loss and boost metabolism and help in smooth digestion and functioning of the liver.  

3 Detox Drinks You Can Try To Shed Kilos

1. Orange, Ginger & Carrot Detox Drink

Brimming with vitamin C of oranges, beta carotene and fibre, this drink aids in smooth digestion, boost metabolism and is a remedy for bloating due to the presence of ginger. Ultimately manages weight loss. Blend orange, carrot, ginger, and some salt, mix well and enjoy!

2. Haldi Tea

Haldi is known for its endless health benefits. Easy digestion, anti-inflammatory properties and faster metabolism are just some of the factors that shed out the toxins from your body and aids in more rapid weight loss. All you need to do is simmer water and add turmeric, black pepper, honey, ginger to it, and reduce the water to half and drink.  

3. Cumin Water

Cumin is one spice in your kitchen that helps ease bloating and fasten digestion which facilitates weight loss. It also amps up weight loss. Heat cumin seeds, pour water over them and let them rest for a while. Strain and serve.  

Try these three amazing detox recipes for weight loss and share your experience with us!