3 Best Natural Eye Masks To Treat Dark Circles

Do you often look yourself in the mirror and wonder how did you get those eye bags from? And then go back to strain them in front of your mobile, laptop or television screens? Less amount of sleep, more screen time and an unhealthy diet, all these are several factors that lead to puffy eyes with dark circles under it. And they can highly annoying if not take care of. Not only do they make you look dull and tired all the time, they can also hamper your confidence. A lot of people go through several treatments or use expensive cosmetics to treat these issues, there are many natural ways to treat dark circles as well! Besides adequate rest, sleep and diet, there are several ingredients that are right there in your kitchen pantry that can be mixed and used as an eye mask for dark circles! 

Here are 3 such eye masks that you can make at home to treat puffy eyes with dark circles: 

1. Cucumber Eye Mask 

Perhaps one of the most popular of the lot! You would know about the healing properties of this gourd vegetable. With literally about 95 per cent just water, cucumber comes packed with antioxidants. As per experts, putting cucumber slices on eyes could help reduce dark circles and soothe the eyes. Alternatively, you can grate it, chill it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and apply it evenly around the eyes. Wash off after about 20 minutes with cold water. Frequent application of this mask can make your eyes look fresh.  

2. Milk And Baking Soda Eye Mask 

Milk too is known as a powerhouse of nutrients and while you would know the benefits of consuming milk, did you know applying milk on skin too had its own share of some? It has proved to be a boon for skin and exhausted eyes. All you need to do is blend about 5-6 tsp of fresh milk with 2 tsp of baking soda, blend till smooth and let it chill in the refrigerator for a while. Apply it around your eyes and wash off with chilled water after about 25 minutes.  You are sure to feel light and refresh! 

3. Coconut Oil Eye Mask 

Coconut oil comes with its own treasure trove of benefits. And while cooking with it has its own share, applying it on skin and around eyes is known to be one of the most effective and beneficial ways. Take a few drops and massage it around your eyes for a minute or two every day to get rid of dark cicles and puffy eyes faster.