3 Best Glow Water Recipes You Should Try To Bid Farewell To Summer Woes
Image Credit: Image source: Pixabay

Is summer keeping you dehydrated and dull? Are you trying to regain your energy by drinking a lot of water but that doesn't seem to be enough? If yes, offer yourself a glass of vibrant drink called glow water this summer. Ingredients used to make glow water are easily available and beneficial for digestion and detoxification. Summer can be debilitating for many and therefore we need to be ready for tackling all the woes associated with the scorching heat.

Fruits like strawberries and peaches present in the glow water will provide you with much-needed vitamin C and antioxidants. On the other hand, cucumber will replenish your dehydrated body and cinnamon and ginger will keep good care of your digestive health. Here we tell you how to make 3 different types of glow water. Read on to know the steps.


For Peach Ginger:

Seltzer water- 1 can

Peach- 1 (sliced)

Ginger- skin removed and sliced into rounds

Cinnamon stick- 1

For Cucumber Mint:

Seltzer water- 1 can

Cucumber- 1 (cut into 1/2" rounds)

Sprigs mint- 3

Lemon- 1 ( thinly sliced)

For Strawberry Lime:

Seltzer water- 1 can

Strawberries- 3 (halved)

Lime- 1(thinly sliced)


Take out your favourite mason jar and put the ingredients you chose (among the three types). Add seltzer water to it and stir (and muddle, if you wish) the ingredients to bring the flavours. Serve immediately or you can keep them in the fridge too for having later on.