3 Amazing Vineyards In South India
Image Credit: Photo: Brajeshwar Oinam


The pretty vineyards provide an idyllic backdrop to fall in love with wine in the evenings. It is the time to drop your stress and simply marvel at the beauty of the sunset on the horizon, soak the stillness of the place and laugh in the company of your favourite people. Let’s talk about the best places in South India that offer you that full package of beauty, refreshment and calmness. Here we list them out — 

1. Four Seasons Winery & Vineyards 

First of all, the selection of award-winning wines at Four Seasons is astounding. India has definitely been one of the few countries to have seen a dramatic rise in tourism, and the appreciation for good wine means that more and more places want to offer quality wine experiences. The winery is located in Baramati, which is the hometown of legendary poet Kavivarya Monopant. It is surrounded by lush vineyards. Four Seasons holds appeal for young drinkers, who are in awe of India’s position as a destination for evolving wine tourism. Great for a staycation, if you book yourself in advance. Yes, this is a resort too.  

2. Fratelli Vineyards 

Nestled in Akluj, this wine estate is one of the most familiar names in the wine tourism sector in India. The vineyards kept in pristine condition because the authorities take as much precaution as possible to preserve the purity and character of wines. On the remarkable and picturesque land, the hand of a good winemaker carries out the method of tending to the vines to produce the best quality of grapes. It is known to be the home of exceptionally good wines. If you book a tour, they will also take you to The Machan, a wee shack that overlooks the vineyards where you can eat lunch. That sounds like a deal, right? 

3. Grover Zampa Wineries & Vineyards  

No stones are left unturned to perfect the art of wine-making. If there is one place that will assure you a spectacular time, it is Grover wineries and vineyards near Bangalore, and in Maharashtra too. Unlike many other wineries which do not allow visitors in the barrel room, the unique selling point of Grover wineries and vineyards is that the barrel room is not a no-entry zone. It is a favourite room of wine drinkers. When you think about barrels, you obviously think of wine. The barrel room is filled with a distinct aroma due to all the flavours which are developing in the wine inside the barrels. Don’t worry if you ain’t sure how the ageing process works, the guide will explain everything.  

We hope that you’ll put these names on your list, make reservations and visit. Happy wine-tasting.