24 Hours In Pune: The Best Places To Eat At
Image Credit: Instagram/thefrenchwindowpatisserie

Mainly known for its weather and its educational institutions, Pune rarely makes the news for its food scene. However, with the many bakeries in Camp and the leafy streets of Koregaon Park that house charming cafes, the city has something for every food enthusiast. We recommend where to eat if you’re in Pune for only a day. 

The French Window Patisserie for breakfast 

This al fresco cafe in Koregaon Park is the ideal place to begin a morning—with fresh air and a hearty breakfast. The red brick arch at the entrance and classic French doors give the place an air of sophistication. Visit to get your eggs, croissant and coffee fix. The breakfast menu also includes pancakes, porridge and a granola bowl. Wash your breakfast down with a glass of fresh juice or some tea. 

Shisha Cafe for lunch

Another Koregaon Park gem, Shisha Cafe is decorated with Persian carpets and enough trees to form a mini forest. The welcoming cafe also hosts jazz nights, but its appeal lies in visiting during the day when you can feel the sun on your skin. The food menu includes kebabs, European snacks and also Iranian dishes like ‘zereshk polo’, ‘chicken shenzel’ and ‘ghormeh sabzi’. Don’t miss the chai-e-Irani, which is served with dates.

Kayani Bakery for teatime snacks

Pune’s most iconic bakery from 1955, set up in the Camp area, is most popular for its Shrewsbury biscuits. There is often a queue outside right after the place opens in the morning or after lunchtime. Apart from the popular Shrewsbury biscuits, other treats like nankhatai, mawa cake, khari biscuits, sponge cake and ginger cookies are also advertised on a blackboard. Since the place is always busy, pick up these snacks to have with your afternoon tea.

Santé Spa Cuisine for dinner

Located minutes away from the Osho Meditation Resort, Santé is a restaurant dedicated to spa cuisine and healthy eating. Spa cuisine has gained prominence in recent times and Santé believes in adhering to its principles by using fresh, organic ingredients. The menu is creative and includes dishes like thukpa, a roasted tomato and barley broth, a Vietnamese cold noodle salad, quinoa with feta and even a sweet potato tikki chaat. There's also has a sattvic section.