2 Miraculous Drinks That Clear Nasal Congestion
Image Credit: ginger tea/ unsplash.com

It's that time of year when the temperature drops steadily each day and many individuals develop a horrible cold or cough, which may occasionally make life really tough. Many people believe that the best option is to visit the next pharmacy and get some syrups and pharmaceuticals, but in this piece, I present three natural methods that you can use to get rid of phlegm, calm your sinuses, and treat colds without experiencing any negative side effects.

Hot Pineapple Drink

1. ½ – 1 cup pineapple juice (preferably fresh)

2. ½ tbsp apple cider vinegar

3. 1 pinch of cayenne pepper

4. 1 tsp raw honey


Place all the ingredients on a saucer and heat them just enough to your liking.

Why does it help?

1. The pineapple is a rich source of anti-inflammatory ingredients. Therefore, these anti-inflammatory qualities might ease a sore throat and lessen phlegm buildup in your lungs. Additionally, the vitamin C in it fortifies your body, enhances your immune system, and helps to stave off cold symptoms.

2. You may alkalize your body by drinking this beverage, which contains apple cider vinegar. You already know that viral bacteria cannot thrive in an alkaline condition of the body.

3. The honey's delicious and beneficial qualities include antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial abilities. Since then, honey has been a highly effective natural remedy.

4. The cayenne pepper will give you the jolt that internally heats your body and combats sickness and fevers.

lemon/ unsplash.com

1. 1 lemon

2. 1-inch piece of ginger

3. 1-2 dashes of cayenne pepper

 4. 1 dash of turmeric powder

 5. 1 drop of mint extract

 6. 1-2 drops stevia (if desired)


The lemon and ginger need to be juiced and blended first. The cayenne pepper, turmeric, and mint must then be added. Stir. To double the size of the mixture, add boiling water. Enjoy this tasty, healthful beverage.

Why does it help?

1. Lemons are very nutritious and are excellent detoxifiers. Your immune system will be strengthened, and vitamin C stores that fight colds will be fueled.

2. Ginger is yet another incredibly beneficial component of this beverage. Ginger will relieve your sore throat and sinus-related pains while clearing the mucus from your lungs.

3. Curcumin, which has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, is abundant in turmeric. Congestion will be relieved, and the coughs will be stopped.

4. The menthol included in mint works as a natural decongestant. It will relieve nasal congestion and assist you in clearing the mucus from your lungs.